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The Sun and Space
Gabriel leaned over the railing atop Lijiang tower, his eyelids slipping shut over his dark umber eyes. He could feel his hands tense as he gripped the bars, knowing if he was any stronger he could bend the bars in the opposite direction. His body felt heavy as he slumped against the metal, his thoughts escaping him as he fell into a trance.
The trance started as a tingling in his fingertips, his mind like a gentle breeze against wildflowers in a field. His thoughts wandered like a person lost in that acre, content and at ease. Though, his mind continued to ramble, the breeze turning into gusts of harsh wind. Just as the yellow petals bloomed, they began to wilt against the quickening wind; the tingling altered into a burning that flared into a fierce inferno in his chest, and the stems of every flower in that field were broken, every petal ripped from its pistil. The person who aimlessly wandered was now sprinting to find a way out of this endless storm of wilted blossoms and disastro
:icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 3 0
Oddity 1
Paranoia was Gemma's curse. She was always sure people were out to get her, and could never walk 10 steps without looking over her shoulder at least once. Every simple task was a landslide, every conversation an earthquake, every day was the end of the world.
Though, she never experienced something drastic or traumatic happen to her to trigger this paranoia, she's never been able to shake the feeling of eyes watching her every move.
Each day while driving to school, she never once rips her eyes from the road. It will lead to a fatal mistake. She never lets her grip loosen while holding her bag. She never lets a person borrow a pen because that could open a window for conversation, and she's not looking to make friends or have meaningless small talk with a stranger she sits next to for 45 minutes each day.
 It was one particular Monday she rushed to Jason in the parking lot of her highschool, a complete wreck. She was breathing so hard her startled friend was on the verge of callin
:icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 3 0
Mature content
Lines for the Abused :icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 2 5
Burning House.
I played with a box of matches all of my life. As the days darkened, more matches would be lit and the ashes would blacken. The people around me were coursing rivers of white waters while I was a lit match that had burned out.
My flame grew colder with every step I took. I tried to shield it from the waters of others', but it could never fight against the force of the raging torrents. Little by little, my soul drowned and my eyes flooded. I was running out of matches, and no one wanted to spare a light.
My matchbox had been emptied, and I still hadn't been kindled. No light radiated from my being, no smoke lifted from my wick. There was no one who could love sorrowful heart; an unlit candle.
Everyone I met was an enemy; they were all a heavy downpour.
When I found a light, it was much stronger than a match. It was a fire. It over took the waters, and vanquished them. But even the candles were destroyed. Their wax was melted, and their wicks had burnt away. I watched as the flames engul
:icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 5 2
Mature content
Bath Salts and Lydia :icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 3 3
Eyes Wide Shut
   With every lyric and melody that slips from my lips,
   each word flows as fire in high winds,
   but just as the deaf do not find sound, you do not hear.
    With each message I write, my hands tense with anxiety,
    throat dry as deserts, I find no words,
    but just as the dead lie lifeless, you do not feel.
   With each wandering state of mind, you captivate my daze,
   but just as steel does not shatter, you will not break.
  With each smile I form for you, no matter how broken and faded,
    just as the blind fail to find sight, you do not see.
  With your ears that ring with chatter, you cannot listen,
   with your hands that cannot reach mine, you cannot feel,
    with your mind so bleak, and walls made of stone, you will not break,
     with your eyes wide shut
:icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 6 14
The Crimson Drip.
  Imagine this.
 Your Mother walks into the completely dark house, holding a flashlight tightly in her hand. There's grocery bags hanging from her arm. The ice storm yesterday has knocked out all of the power and heat, so you were forced to bundle up in all the clothes you could fit into and how ever many blankets you could bury yourself beneath.
 She calls your name and hears no answer. That is odd for you. You said you would be on the couch when she got home. She sets the bags down, shining the light to the kitchen. Not there. She calls your name again and walks to the couch. She stops when she sees a figure under the blankets. You are asleep.
She smiles and turns back around to tend to the groceries. As she was taking the necessities out of the bags, she heard a light dripping noise. All the pipes around were frozen solid and there was no way anything could be melting considering it was still freezing outside.
She shook her head, brushing it off just to be the house m
:icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 10 17
Much Too Precious To Die.
Hollow screams whispered in his head.  
He could not ignore the voices of the dead.
Wolves cried out in despair for the blood that was to be shed.
 For the soul beyond my eyes was too precious to let die.
I was much too selfish of beauty to see him fly.
Fly into the skies to the angels who would cry.
Cry and bow at the beauty of his face.  
 Much too precious to die..
 The marvelous human running before me continues to run,
Through the forest to the sound of my smoking gun.
 As I sprinted after, my voice filled with laughter.
“Why do you run, run to the sound of this smoking gun?”
 My head filled with thought of selfish acts as we played our game,
 'I must have him to myself, him I must tame.'
 Tame I must do, to the human who lie.
 Much too precious to die..
 “Miss, please slow!” He shouted in a plead,
  For his life was in danger, very much in need.
  I sneered at his voice, so hoarse and dry and
:icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 12 6
Mature content
The Office Royals- Jimohnny Mpreg (Part 5) :icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 10 9
Mature content
Somebody Mixed My Medicine. :icondeathreverence6661:DeathReverence6661 4 6
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Merry meet! My gallery doesn't have much to offer, but I try and do the best I can. My Fanfiction is all Avenged Sevenfold as well as most of my pictures that I have uploaded. There is also Black Veil Brides pictures, though I grew out of their music. My own literature, old and new, can be found within the "Literature" folder, fanfiction in the "Fanfiction" folder, etc. Self explanatory I have tried to sort everything out as best as I can for easier navigation, but I'm sure there's a couple mishaps here and there. If you have a problem with something in my gallery, please inform me.

You do not have to not comment if you would like to favorite something. I appreciate anything you do!

Thanks for stopping by, and blessed be.


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Welcome To Horrorland ~ One :icontragicmagic6661:TragicMagic6661 12 22
Those Crazy Bastards-2
Over the weeks, Brian and Jimmy had gotten to know each other more and more.
One day Brian invited Jimmy over to his house, but Brian was a bit scared. He knew that Jimmy was a total pervert, and that didn't mix very well with his parents.
"Hey everyone!" Jimmy screamed as my mom opened the door for him. Jimmy's dad watched from the street before going to drive back home, waving goodbye with a smile. The women stepped aside, letting Jimmy into the house.
"Hey, Jimbo." Brian yelled from on top of the stairs. The taller man bounced up the stairs and had to get over a baby gate. After swinging one of his long legs up he grunted, "SO FAT. OH GOD. CAN'T MAKE IT."
He shorter boy just rolled his eyes, walking into the livingroom. "So this is my house. You brought swimming trunks right? We're going to go into the hot tub soon!"
"Sounds awesome dude." He said, patting Brian on the shoulder. He was holding a black Misfits bag with all his things in it. Brian led him down into the basement. Penci
:icongrimasever:GrimAsEver 13 9
Those Crazy Bastards-1
The first time I met him, we were sitting at lunch in eighth grade. It was his first year in Huntington Beach. He had met one of my best friends in P.E, Johnny, and Johnny had invited the quiet boy to sit with us. His face hid behind his hair and he had a silver stud on the bottom-middle of his lip. I couldn't see his eyes from across the table.
"WHY DO YOU HAVE AIDS?" I started to scream as Matt sat down next to me. He slinked down onto the bench with a plastic tray and I looked at the mush in disgust. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"
"I think it's supposed to be pizza?" The taller man said with a shrug.
"It looks like horse shit." Jimmy cut in with a cackle. I looked at him with a smirk.
He raised an eyebrow back and started to eat. His mouth hung open as he zoned out, looking at the roof. I just stared at him as he absentmindedly chewed the garbage.
Zacky came and sat by the new, taller boy. "Hi, I'm Zacky." He said with his lisp.
"I'm Jimmy the giant." He started to dry hump the table.
:icongrimasever:GrimAsEver 15 33
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Life is a shitstorm for me, so it's extremely difficult for me to produce any sort of work that is of any importance. Apologies.

Love is love, hate is hate. It's all the same while you're six feet under.
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